Roman Empire Essay

A difference between Rome and Han China included the family structure.The people of Han China believed that the way an individual acted would reflect upon the whole family and their hierarchy as Rome was more tolerant on the individual affecting the family’s hierarchy.

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Looking at the Roman Empire it was mainly characterized by Catholic religion and the Latin language.

The Catholic Society in many ways represents the Roman Empire although with many changes to its administrative standards.

The West was later taken over by Barbarians in 476AD thus left the East Empire to continue its reign for another a thousand years.

The East Empire began to crumble due to administrative wrangles and eventually it became succeeded by the Byzantine Empire.

Justin Kim Coach Shells AP World History 26 September 2014 The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty of China were both large and powerful empires that existed during the Classical Period.

Han China and Rome were very successful during the Classical period, due to their similarities, but also because of their differences. There are many similarities and differences between Rome and Han China that connect and divide them; in the sense of political control.Although both were seen as two of the strongest empires of their time, they differed on methods of achieving such a title.The major difference between the methods of political control was the structure of government in each empire.However much different the two Empires seem the Byzantine Empire maintained Rome’s large central base expanding over vast territories.With time modernism changed the Byzantine Empire which adopted foreign policies and became split into several states.I begin with some indications suggesting that the standard of living in ancient Rome was similar to that of early modern period of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe, an extraordinary achievement for any economy in the ancient world.I then argue that ancient Rome managed to achieve this high standard of living through the combined operation of moderately stable political conditions and markets for goods, labor and capital, which allowed specialization and efficiency.After surveying the labor and financial markets in turn, I return to the broad questions of how the Romans prospered and the economy appears to have grown.The fall of the Roman Empire is a topic that has led to the conclusive report on how even today although the empire having faded away it still exists but in a different form.The Byzantine believed they were to be equal to the Romans in all aspects and thus assimilated the Roman culture into theirs.However they slowly changed several aspects of their culture such as language and religion.


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