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'' They are up in heaven with God.'''' Dr. Mc Nair's visit, just one month after he had become the second black American to leave the Earth on a shuttle mission. Taylor was with the astronaut's family and friends at Cape Canaveral for the launching. Mc Nair had taken his saxophone with him into space, and in the day of festivities that marked his visit to the school two local saxophonists performed Herbie Hancock's '' Maiden Voyage.'''' NASA said he only had two hours here,'' Mrs. And they couldn't do anything about it.'' In Sharon Reinhold's kindergarten class, pupils colored pictures of the explosion and, with help from their teacher, composed one-sentence stories about what happened.'' All seven people on the space shuttle died,'' Andre wrote. Mc Nair went to see God,'' wrote Latiauna Snow.

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Taylor, a first-grade teacher, said yesterday, recalling the astronaut's visit two years ago. They wanted to know if it rained in space.'' Like schools across the country, P.

Mc Nair will always be remembered as a dazzling man in a silver NASA jumpsuit who brought the world of space and rocket ships a little closer to the elementary school children of Brooklyn's inner-city Bedford-Stuyvesant section.'' That was a grand day,'' Jannie K.

Yeah, it's horrifying to think that so many "new" things could've been invented before and we just hadn't heard about them.

The ignorance and the need to treat other people lesser than you is mind boggling.

Funded through a grant from the US Department of Education, the objective of the Mc Nair Program is to increase the numbers of low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented minority undergraduates who pursue degrees and go on to careers in research and teaching at the university level.

Students at the University of Rochester have the option of applying to either our academic year program or our summer program.Participants complete a series of assignments that help prepare them for applying to graduate school.The program culminates with each scholar completing a semester-long mentored research project. The words he said to me were, ' You can be what you want to be if you stick with what you want to be.' '' ' The Sky's the Limit''' That's what he always said,'' Mrs. '' I don't want to die.'''' I would miss my mother and father,'' said another first grader, Sharlene Robinson. Taylor, who had applied to become the first teacher in space. And in honor of the visitor no one there will ever forget, there is talk of renaming the four-story brick building at 820 Hancock Street Ronald E. She was his ninth-grade teacher, and his neighbor, in Lake City, S. Tameka Jones, a fourth grader, could not talk about Dr. '' I loved him like an uncle,'' she wrote in an essay. When I found out about what happened to him, I was all broken up inside. ' I Don't Want to Go Up' Many of the children said they had dreamed of becoming astronauts, but had changed their minds after the explosion. Now, she and other faculty members are planning a special memorial service for him.Academic year program applicants apply during the first semester of their sophomore year.Summer program applicants apply during the spring semester of their junior year.Would we know of Nikola Tesla’s genius of he was born a Native American 5000 BC?Big oil and private interests are also to be held accountable for sabatoging the progress of mankind.They tax you to fund Rn D for lots of shit, then privatize the patents to capitalize on the hard work and genius of others. Mc Nair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is named in honor of the late Challenger space shuttle astronaut and laser physicist.


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