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As revolutionaries, our aim is to be a part of that critical political agency.We need to arm ourselves with past experiences to guide future action.During the counter-revolution and civil war the Church unreservedly backed the reactionary forces, leading to an even greater weakening of loyalty from the masses.

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Whilst in 1861 the peasants had been freed from serfdom, the legislation doing so had failed to modernise and develop agriculture and the conditions of the peasants still lagged way behind most other comparable European countries.

Industry was concentrated in a few areas such as St.

Some of its factories were very modern and even by world standards extremely large, especially in the capital St. This created a relatively compact and concentrated working class, much of it recruited relatively recently from the villages.

The Russian Empire consisted of a large number of different nations that had, over the years, been conquered and suppressed by the Russian Tsarist state.

100 years ago, the world was shaken by the October Revolution.

We rightly celebrate this heroic act as the first instance of workers’ power in history.

We need to understand the processes that occur during a revolutionary period.

These lessons cannot be applied mechanically but must be refracted through the prisms of subsequent history and our current experience. We take from the past and test its relevance and application today to see how this may offer some guidance as to how to adapt effectively to our own age.

These comprised, among others, the Baltic States, Poland, Finland, the Ukraine, the various Caucasus States such as Georgia, Belorussia, Bessarabia, and a number of Asian States such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and others.

Nationalism was, therefore, a potent force within Russia and something that required a response from all socialist parties.


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