Rwandan Genocide Essay

“[I]f humanitarian intervention is, indeed, an unacceptable assault on sovereignty, how should we respond to a Rwanda, to a Srebrenica””to gross and systematic violations of human rights that offend every precept of our common humanity?

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This was a hoax, for the Hutu government was secretly planning revenge on the Tutsi.

The revenge being planned was the extinction of the Tutsi.

Research has, for instance, helped debunk the myth that tribal violence on the continent is the product of ancient, immutable hatreds.

We now know the genocide was the premeditated choice of a small elite intent on staying in power.

Events in the Central African Republic and Syria today serve as dark reminders of each of these realities.

Yet we would be overly cynical to think nothing has changed.

During this time there was no outside help from the United States or any other country.

The UNAMIR (United nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda) were given orders to stay on "stand by" and were not allowed to intervene because they would breach their monitoring mandate.

While neither universally accepted nor legally binding, the notion of a “˜responsibility to protect’ (R2P) decisively entered the lexicon of international relations. In authorizing intervention in Darfur in 2006, the UN Security Council took the unprecedented step of explicitly invoking R2P.

Its normative power is reflected in the more robust mandates of UN peacekeeping missions since Rwanda.


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