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Students will work to discover and develop their own unique voices as they learn the technical aspects of the craft of playwriting.

Short writing assignments will complement each reading assignment.

Close reading of fiction texts, fiction writing exercises, and discussion of student’s original fiction in a workshop setting. Students will be introduced to literary disciplines including poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and writing for the stage and screen. CW 233 FUNDAMENTALS OF NARRATIVE (3-0-3)(F, S, SU). Intensive one-on-one study of selected creative writing discipline with faculty mentor. Exploration of genres of creative nonfiction with an emphasis on contemporary writers. CW 302 INTERMEDIATE POETRY WRITING (3-0-3)(F, S, SU).

Intensive study of the possibilities of English grammar in the context of creative nonfiction, poetry, and fiction, with particular attention to students’ own writing. An exploration of the writer in society, both as artistic endeavor and profession. CW 301 INTERMEDIATE CREATIVE NONFICTION WRITING (3-0-3)(F, S, SU).

An intensive study of aspects of craft in either fiction, poetry or creative non-fiction. Intensive work in writing and critiquing creative nonfiction. Students will also learn about the publishing process and how to apply effectively for graduate programs in creative writing.

Course will expose students to particular methods, approaches, and techniques in a genre and their aesthetic effects. Students seeking graduate credit will produce a greater quantity and higher quality of original work, will have a separate and more extensive reading list, and will be expected to participate more fully in class activities. Portfolio may include other documents to use in post-college writing careers, such as cover letters and agent queries. CW 492 SENIOR PORTFOLIO IN FICTION (3-0-3)(F/S)(FF).

By the end of the course, students will have generated new material, shaped and revised draft poems, and significantly grown as writers by experimenting with various aspects of craft.

An introduction to playwriting through a combination of reading assignments, writing exercises, discussions about craft and ultimately the creation of a complete one-act play.

The course will cover shaping forms (such as elegy and pastoral) as well as given forms, such as the sonnet, ghazal, villanelle, etc.

Students will discuss strategies for conveying the literal meaning of a poem (e.g., through sensory description and clear, compelling language) and the concealed meaning of a text (e.g., through metaphor, imagery, meter, irony, and shifts in diction and syntax).


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