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Use an RACI (pronounce as “R-A-C-I”) Matrix and Stakeholder Onion Diagram to evaluate stakeholders. Let us get an overview of the business analysis planning and monitoring knowledge area in the next slide.There are many tasks associated with the planning and monitoring knowledge area.

Use an RACI (pronounce as “R-A-C-I”) Matrix and Stakeholder Onion Diagram to evaluate stakeholders. Let us get an overview of the business analysis planning and monitoring knowledge area in the next slide.There are many tasks associated with the planning and monitoring knowledge area.

It can also help to establish buy in if business analyst involvement is new to stakeholders and will also set out how you are going to help them and how they can help you.

Hello and welcome to the second lesson of the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®) course offered by Simplilearn. In the first lesson, we were introduced to CCBA certification.

As per above these could be specified in the methodology.

See A comprehensive guide to the major Business Analyst deliverables for more detail on the types of typical business analysis deliverables and the different naming conventions used.

An important point to remember while gathering preliminary information is to maintain an open mind as the on-site situation may be different from the preliminary information.

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Let us begin by looking at the objectives of this lesson in the next slide.Activities have been put in down the left hand side. Assuming the meetings were scheduled when required this shows that the business analysis approach document could be complete by the 4 April, the problem statement for the 12 April, the Processes by the 27 April etc.This is a good way of demonstrating how the days effort estimated can be translated into elapsed time and feed into a plan.Purpose of Business analysis approach The purpose of the business analysis approach document is to set out the business analysis involvement for the work concerned to set expectations, to feed into a wider plan and gain agreement on the deliverables.When to put together a Business Analysis approach document This could be put together as part of the organisation methodology for the team, a programme of work or by project.Variations to methodology at programme / project level depend upon timescales, the size of a project, business need, requirement stability, skills of the team and stakeholder involvement.The methodology will set out: Deliverables Any business analysis involvement should have associated deliverables.In this lesson, we will discuss the first knowledge area in the analysis process and the approach to plan and monitor the analysis.During this step, the BA needs to gather enough information to identify stakeholders, define their roles and responsibilities, develop estimation, plan communication, determine business analyst deliverables, and define metrics to monitor business analysis work.After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Discuss the business analysis planning and monitoring knowledge area Explain the difference between a plan-driven analysis and a change-driven analysis.Identify the project roles and responsibilities for each member of the team.


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