Sample Masters Research Proposal

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Include a per-unit and total cost for each category.

Write down a grand total on the bottom of the chart.

The more organized you are, the better your finished product, and the less worry you'll have throughout the process.

Consult your department and supervisors often throughout the process to ensure you're writing a proposal that conforms to departmental standards and covers every pertinent detail of your proposed research.

Formulate a research timetable, using the department's deadlines for proposals.

In your writing stages, include time for research, for writing your literature review, which aggregates previous research on the topic, and for presentations, training and seminars necessary for your research. Note each section's deadline next to it in your table.The proposal should contain three parts: (1) scope of work, (2) work plan, and (3) team charter.Part one should include these five sections: (1) introduction, (2) statement of objectives, (3) materials and methods, (4) expected results/format of report, and (5) literature citations.The full proposal should not exceed 15 pages in length, double-spaced, including the cover page.The subheadings below should be used to indicate clearly the sections of the proposal.Ask supervisors or mentors to look over drafts and to give comments throughout the process. It should clearly indicate your research topic in a concise phrase; keep it less than 20 words long and be as specific as possible.Topics that are too broad run the risk of being rejected for lack of detail.These guidelines are intended to assist you in developing and writing a thesis proposal.Applications for admission to a research degree cannot be dealt with unless they contain a proposal.Skip this step if those factors don't apply to your research.Prepare a proposal coversheet in accord with your department's requirements.


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