Saving Forests Essay

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Trees have been around for millions of years, even longer than humans.Long ago, you can always find forests with trees that are so tall and healthy.Trees are essential to humans and animals in every way.

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There are several organizations that are doing efforts to preserve and restore forests.

Some of these are Greenpeace, World Wide Fund for Nature, Community Forestry International, and Conservation International.

An estimated 2.4 billion people use fuelwood for cooking their food and approximately 765 million people worldwide use wood fuel to boil and sterilize water.

What you can do to keep the world’s forests healthy Forest cover varies across different areas in the world.

Because of the increasing demand for wood and other products made from the parts of a tree, deforestation became rampant.

In an instant, rainforests in different countries have declined dramatically.

Pollution has increased immensely especially in industrialized countries.

Deforestation has led to climate change and global warming which affects all living organisms.

Forests provide a habitat for natural pest controllers.

An estimated 99% of pests that have the ability to destroy crops are kept in check by birds, spiders, parasitic wasps, lady bugs, and fungi.


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