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While all students are automatically assigned to a school in their attendance area, you may choose to enroll your child in a magnet school, a high school Program of Study, or a school outside the assigned attendance area.

All students in the District are assigned to a school based on their residency address, however, actual enrollment is based on space availability at the school site.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate; however, official school assignments must be obtained by contacting 804-652-3745 or by [email protected]

Please be aware that school boundaries are subject to continual review and may be adjusted as conditions warrant.

There is no need to download and install an application, as it runs on modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, and Safari.

Pasco County Schools’ Planning Services Department provides boundary information in several different formats suited to the individual needs of each visitor.

You can also view any Katy ISD school's designated boundary by activating the ‘Find Schools and Facilities’ panel within the application and selecting the school.

This application is designed for use on Desktop and Mobile devices.

The SARA application enables you to find the KISD school assignment for your residential address.

School assignments are determined by the school's designated boundary.


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