Short Essay Of The Crucible

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Setting the play in Puritan New England, in the town of Salem, allows the playwright to explore the thematic connections between the witch trials and Mc Carthyism.

Doing so seems seamless, as the audience perceives three main themes that remain salient in American culture.

[Read More] Most of the American public did not know what communism or Marxism really was as an ideology, they simply knew that it was 'bad' and it was 'un-American,' although logically it could be argued that nothing is more un-American than prosecuting a person for holding certain political beliefs.

The tragedies of Miller's "The Crucible" and the Mc Carthy hearings are that good men and women, as well as fearful and ignorant people were silenced by the witch hunts.

Although the ending of The Crucible is tragic and Proctor is sent to the gallows, he establishes himself as a…… As a result, Nokia has been successful in attracting British-based telecom services provider Orange to use the Ovi portal as part of a revenue-sharing arrangement.

[Read More] Hale begins the play as the most idealistic character, but ends the play telling Proctor to lie under oath and confess to being a witch, after Proctor is accused by Abigail. This shows how a corrupt system can corrupt even decent people. Nokia apparently has seen that the "walled garden" strategy does not work and has gone to a more……

Q3: Summarize Arthur Miller's experiences with HUAC and discuss the consequences of those experiences for Miller. It is from this spiritual foundation that I wish to approach healthcare as a professional nurse.

Miller was pressured, like so many great artists, to name names of suspected communists. Healthcare is my duty, and I shall see to it that I "freely give" of my energy to heal the sick and communicate the word of God via my work. 'Leadership: current theories, research and future directions', Annual Review of Psychology, vol.

The finality of the play here is unforgiving, as the accused are hanged with no redemption. The climax of The Crucible occurs toward the end of the play when Mary accuses Proctor of being a witch and he is summarily arrested.

Prior to this the action builds as several girls in the play get caught up in the witch hysteria.


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