Simple Essay Rainy Season

Simple Essay Rainy Season-80
When rain is mentioned, I think of light ecstatic sprinkling.

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The electric flashes of light bring about nothing but fear; the pounding rain only intensifies the storm.

It is easy to see why the mere sight of rain depresses some people.

Agriculture depends on rain so that farmers become happy.

A green coloured covering can be seen on the earth.

The clouds are so dark that sometimes even the middle of the day also seems like night.

They plough their fields, within a few days the whole earth becomes green with grass and plants. The scenery is very beautiful and soothing to our eyes. These are some disadvantages also in the rainy season.

The businessman has poor sale when the rain is heavy.

When it rains heavy it takes the form of flood causing heavy loss of property and life.

This brings a large quantity of rains for our country.

The largest part of our country, specially the Northern India is covered by the Monsoon arising from Bay of Bengal. After burning heat of May and June, we welcome the first rain.


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