Six Step Method Of Problem Solving

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We can test our theory by making a new batch with everything the same except for a new batch of the suspect ingredient.

If the defect levels are back to normal, that’s a good indication that we have confirmed our root cause. Implement Solution After we’ve identified the root cause, we implement a solution to remedy the issue, standardizing our solution and making the change permanent.

If you are in business, with a focus on leadership, or if you work in such complex fields as logistics or supply chain, you have undoubtedly come across problems where you have little to no experience.

But, inherently, as a leader, and especially as a planner in logistics, you have had to rely on effective problem solving steps to figure out the issue at hand and continually move forward to make your business, life, and yes, your supply chain remain efficient, despite any disruption.

While many people regularly solve problems, there are a range of different approaches that can be used to find a solution.

Complex challenges for teams, working groups and boards etc., are usually solved more quickly by using a shared, collaborative, and systematic approach to problem solving.

We will lose this business if we cannot correct the problem by the end of the year.” 2.

Describe the Current Situation We do this by examining data that is readily available.

Getting input from others, similar to the cross-functional team example, is very important for objectivity and looking at the problem from various points of view, always being objective and looking for the right solution(s) to the problem.

Example I: Improving Inventory Records Accuracy (IRA), for instance, where the warehouse on-hand quantity differs from the ERP/computer on-hand quantity, takes looking at the root cause of the problem in the transaction detail of the Warehouse Management System (WMS).


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