Sixth Term Examination Paper

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Other candidates should find an open test centre where they can sit STEP.

Entry to mathematics Which institutions use this test? Some colleges may use STEP for other courses: G400, L100, H100, BCF0 University of Warwick (W20) courses G100, G103, G1NC, GL11, GV15, GG13, GGC3, G0L0, GLN0 The University of Bristol, the University of Bath, the University of Oxford, Loughborough University, King's College London, University College London and Imperial College London all encourage applicants to take the papers. Applications to take STEP should go through a school or college, in the same way as your GCE A levels.

Each paper has thirteen questions, including three on mechanics and two on probability/statistics. The pure mathematics question in Papers I and II are based the core A-level Mathematics syllabus, with some minor additions, which is listed at the end of this book.

The pure mathematics questions in Paper III are based on a ‘typical’ Further Mathematics mathematics A-level syllabus (at the time of writing, there is not even a partial core for Further Mathematics A-levels).

The support provided by the FMSP focuses on students developing deeper problem-solving skills based on the content they already know.

Examples of materials used on the online STEP course can be found in the resources section - STEP and AEA resources.Students normally sit one or two out of three papers (the University will make it clear what their requirements are), and these can normally be sat at their school or college during the summer exam season.As the name suggests, and owing to its level of difficulty, this paper can only be sat in the Summer term of Year 13.STEP is available to all and there are also a number of candidates who sit the STEP papers as a challenge.STEP papers are an invaluable source of interesting problems.Competition is stiff; last year less than 6% of applicants achieved a grade of Outstanding.Due to the increased difficulty level, students may well require extra help to complete the STEP exam.The STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) Mathematics is a well-established mathematics examination designed to test candidates on questions that are similar in style to undergraduate mathematics.The STEP is used by some universities as the basis for conditional offers.A correct answer automatically achieves full marks, regardless of the method used to get there, and the marking system is designed to reward “good progress” towards answering a question.Scores are given on a 5-level grading system, going from S (Outstanding) to U (Unclassified), with grades of 1, 2 and 3 in-between representing “Very Good”, “Good” and “Satisfactory” respectively.


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