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13, 1945, when the Allies firebombed Dresden in a massive air attack that killed 130,000 people and destroyed a landmark of no military significance.

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One reads "Slaughterhouse-Five" with that question crouched on the brink of one's awareness.

I'm not sure if there's an answer, but the question certainly heightens the book's effects.

Although there were no obvious military targets in Dresden, allied commanders later suggested that the city was an important communications link between the German armies in eastern and western Europe. How does the image of the Green Beret portrayed in the song compare to the image presented by Vonnegut in his descriptions of Robert? The themes of free will and fatalism appear in Slaughterhouse-Five. Slaughterhouse-Five was written at the height of the Vietnam War. Research the arguments of the current movement against the war in Iraq. How do their attitudes and experiences compare to Vonnegut’s. Compare these events to the fire- bombing of Dresden. How does this poem communicate and reinforce the themes of Slaughterhouse-Five?

Critics of the raid maintain that the lack of military significance and the inflated population were reasons not to target Dresden. Research these concepts in other cultures and civilizations. How did Vonnegut’s experiences at Dresden and America’s involvement in Vietnam contribute to the anti-war message of the book? Research opposing views of the fire-bombing of Dresden. Are there similarities between these protesters’ position and the attitudes expressed by Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse-Five? For Further Reading Other works by Kurt Vonnegut Breakfast of Champions Cat’s Cradle God Bless You, Mr.

"The Tralfamadorians..see how permanent all the moments are, and they can look at any moment that interests them." They teach Billy that death is just an unpleasant moment.

Because Billy can go back and forth in time, he knew this lesson when he was in Dresden. I now, I know (as Kurt Vonnegut used to say when people told him that the Germans attacked first). It sounds like a fantastic last-ditch effort to make sense of a lunatic universe. It is very tough and very funny; it is sad and delightful; and it works.The destruction of this non-military city so late in the war is still very controversial, and that controversy is central to Vonnegut’s book. Using Vonnegut’s descriptions, present character sketches (both visual and verbal) of the main characters.Historical Background By February of 1945, Dresden was one of the few major German cities that had not been bombed in the Allied campaign to break German morale by targeting entire cities and towns. For example, what does the fact that he is a member of the John Birch Society tell us about Billy’s father-in-law? Research Vonnegut’s military career, and use a plot map to compare it to Billy Pilgrim’s.7.And this problem of Billy's is related to the second thing, which is that Billy says that on his daughter's wedding night he was kidnapped by a flying saucer from the planet Tralfamadore, flown there through a time warp, and exhibited with a movie star named Montana Wildhack.The Tralfamadorians are two feet high, green, and shaped like plumber's friends, with suctions caps on the ground and little green hands with eyes on their palms at the top of their shafts.Over the next two days, the American Air Force followed up with strafing raids on the survivors. What is Professor Rumfoord’s opinion of the raid on Dresden? What two acquaintances does Billy indirectly encounter in the “tawdry bookstore”? She has also taught high school English and served as an adjunct for local colleges.No accurate casualty reports exist because of the firestorm, but estimates range from a low of thirty-five thousand deaths (the figure offered by the Allies) to over one hundred thousand (the figure offered by the Germans). It had become a major refuge for civilians fleeing the advance of the Soviet Army across Eastern Europe. Produce visual representations of the Tralfamadorians, their space ship, and Billy’s home in the zoo on Tralfamadore.8. Examine Vonnegut’s later publications of graphic illustrations.It was also the home of American POWs who, like Vonnegut, had been captured during the Battle of the Bulge. What new technique for disposing of the corpses is devised? Play a recording of The Ballad of the Green Beret by Barry Sadler. How do his illustrations promote the same themes as his novels? Read descriptions of other atrocities of World War II such as Hiroshima by John Hersey, Night by Elie Wiesel, Mila 18 by Leon Uris, and The Winds of War and War and Remembrance by Herman Wouk. What themes, settings, and characters run through his novels? Slaughterhouse-Five is among the most frequently banned works in American literature. Research reactions to the book and compare it to reactions to other controversial works of art. Vonnegut closes his last book, A Man Without a Country ,with an original poem called “Requiem” which ends with these lines: When the last living thinghas died on account of us,how poetical it would beif Earth could say,in a voice floating upperhaps from the floorof the Grand Canyon,“It is done.”People did not like it here.Here is the story: Billy Pilgrim, "tall and weak, and shaped like a bottle of Coca-Cola," was born in Ilium, N. After graduating from Ilium High School, he attended night sessions at the Ilium School of Optometry for one semester before being drafted for military service in World War II.He served with the infantry in Europe, and was taken prisoner by the Germans. After the war, he went back to Ilium and became a wealthy optometrist married to a huge wife named Valencia.


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