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The company will differentiate itself by telling the story of it’s coffees sourced from around the world.In addition to offering flavor profiles and taste combinations not available elsewhere in the city, we will contribute 5% of all revenue to charity.When you read the back cover of a book you expect come away with an understanding of what the story is about, but you’ll need to read the book to get the full story and details. Since the goal in writing your business plan is to open a drive-thru coffee shop, the organization of this section is less critical than someone requiring a few million to launch a business idea.

We recommend taking the opportunity to look under the hood of these plans and see how these other coffee businesses operate profitably.

With the increased footprint of nationally recognized coffee brands like Starbucks or Caribou Coffee, it won’t be easy to launch your own premium coffee shop.

Fortunately, by following the steps laid out in this business plan training document, you’ll be able to find answers to each of these questions.

At the bottom of this post you’ll also find helpful PDFs and business plan examples for coffee shops.

A real business plan takes time to prepare and eventually birth into the world.

The point of the planning process is not to check off boxes to show you did something like you may have done for a course in college back in the day.

Our goal is to fill the gap in this area by offering a fast and convenient naturally sourced coffees that are not available elsewhere.

Our coffee kiosk will be located just off the I-15 freeway enabling commuters to quickly purchase a cup of coffee and light breakfast. More families continue to move to the area in part due to more affordable housing in Southern California.

While a drive-thru kiosk is lower in cost than opening a retail store, be prepared to invest ,000 at least before you open the serving window to your establishment for the first time.

Your overall startup costs will likely be around 0,000 depending on the permits, insurance, equipment, location, size of the kiosk and design.


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