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Environmental challenges are complex and interlinked, not only in themselves but also with social and economic issues.

The study revealed that the majority are optimistic about the power of these technologies: 74 percent of respondents agree that artificial intelligence (AI) will help solve long-standing environmental challenges; 64 percent agree that the internet of things (Io T) will help solve these challenges.

Despite the promise technology holds, the survey also reveals barriers preventing broader adoption of these solutions for sustainability.

At Green Biz's Verge Conference: Where Technology Meets Sustainability, we convened a workshop with sustainability and technology leaders from a variety of organizations spanning academia, the Fortune 500, private-sector companies and environmental nonprofits to examine these survey findings and discuss solutions to perceived barriers.

Ideas included: To accelerate solutions' deployment and realize their full potential, public and private organizations need to reduce the barriers to implementation and bridge the awareness gaps regarding cost-effective solutions that already exist today.

These are not reflected in markets but do affect common interests, beyond the national perspective.

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In its document, , the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) demonstrates that in the region, the main channels of transmission linking globalization and the environment are the changes registered in trade, investment and technological flows.

One year in, we have funded 14 water projects across California, Arizona, New Mexico and Oregon, that, once complete, are expected to achieve approximately 56 percent of our goal.

For example, in central Arizona, we have been working with a local farmer to pilot Io T sensors to monitor soil moisture and local weather conditions, aimed at reducing water usage.

As a society, we continue to face enormous environmental challenges.

However, the actions we take today can arm us with the tools to adapt to our changing world, preserving our natural resources and quality of life for future generations.


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