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hysics is the study of the interaction between matter and energy.The matter that is studied ranges from sub-atomic particles to entire galaxies.There are over two dozen working theories in the field of physics.

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Certainly, physics is a fascinating subject that has captured the analytical minds of humans since the beginning of the Roman Empire.

As Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory, a popular television show, explains to Penny, physics is a "2600-year journey from the ancient Greeks" to today.

What equations include the quantities you know and also the one you’re looking for?

If you have the mass of an object and a force and you’re trying to find the acceleration, start with F=ma (Newton’s second law).

Nowhere is this more true than in a physics course where performance is measured almost exclusively by your ability to do problems. As such it is intended to complement your course text.

Generations of physics students, the authors included, have often lamented, concerning their physics courses, "I understood everything in lecture and the text but I can't do the problems.

When you come up against a tough question, don’t panic.

Instead, start with these short, easy tricks to help you work through the problem.

What are the units; is the final answer going to be in kilograms or liters?

Also consider what other physical quantities might relate to your answer.


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