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None of the situations they faced in the new land were considered standard, nor were their solutions. So that first Thanksgiving, and many thereafter, one skill they gave thanks for was their ability to solve problems, think critically, see a solution where experience and upbringing dictated there wasn’t one.Heroes of that time -- and every era thereafter -- were those who could think outside the box, build solutions, and then sell everyone around them on the wisdom of attempting what had never before been tried." because you will get "down the drain," into a blind alley from which nobody has yet escaped.

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Another option…take the Coach’s advice and go after it – gather a team together and figure out a solution. It all works out." – From what we typically see at Kepner-Tregoe, very few problems are solved by just one person.

His job is to teach, coach, and inspire the young men on his team.

He not only does this with football knowledge, but also demonstrates some really valuable, teachable moments.

Especially when problems are complex and you haven’t seen them before.

Gathering a team of subject matter experts, great problem solvers and someone to facilitate the conversation can really help gather the information needed to find cause.


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