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Solving For X Word Problems-52
When the value that a particular variable will represent is determined, it is defined by writing a statement like, By using simple arithmetic, this problem probably could have been solved faster without setting up an algebra equation.But, knowing how to use an equation for this problem builds awareness of concepts which are useful, and sometimes critical to solving much harder problems.Examine this problem Looking for someone to help you with algebra?

A word problem in algebra is the equivalent of a story problem in math.

When you solved story problems in your math class you had to decide what information you had and what you needed to find out. Addition was used to find a totals and subtraction was used to find changes in values.

Using Time = Quantity/Rate, Time = 26/12 = 2 1/6 h or 2 hours 10 minutes We know the two rates, and we know that the difference between the two distances traveled will be one mile, but we dont know the actual distances.

Let D be the distance that you travel in time t, and D 1 be the distance that the other car traveled in time t.

Coin Problems deal with items with denominated values.

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Similar word problems are Stamp Problems and Ticket Problems.

The next consecutive even number can be found by adding 2.

Similarly, the next consecutive odd number after 7 is 7 2, or 9.

The only difference between ordinary consecutive numbers and even or odd consecutive numbers is the space between each number.

The next consecutive number after 16 can be found by adding 1.


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