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The speech therapy word lists are perfect for anyone who needs practice with speech and language concepts.

For any type of practice.....need words to get started.

You can implement some home techniques to help your child develop the skills needed to pronounce this sound correctly.

Instruct your child to gently press his teeth together and try to make the “S” sound.

The fastest way to test for the accuracy of this sound in isolation is to have your child hold their finger to their lips to say “shhhh”.

If your child can say the SH sound then your ready to practice the SH sound in syllables.

For example, the sentence may be, “Shave the _______ with shears.” The idea is that you can rotate all the word cards you have been practicing at the word level through one sentence.

It would look like this, “Shave the shower with shears.” Or, “Shave the sheep with shears.” In this example you can see that sometimes the sentence will make sense and sometimes it will not.

Shaping If your child can produce a good /s/ sound or a good “ee” sound we can shape/teach the SH sound starting from one of these sounds.

SH from /s/ Moving the SH Sound into Words, Syllables, Sentences and Conversation Now that your child can say the SH sound follow the steps from the post on the Process of Articulation for moving that sound from isolation (saying the sound all by itself), to syllables, to words, to sentences and finally conversation.


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