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Playing on a team is a very different social dynamic than sitting in a lab or office, and it creates camaraderie and memories that last. In closing, sports have made graduate school far more bearable and enjoyable for me.My graduate school is fairly large, and students can get inundated with lab and class work, but I will always remember the classmates who played on my softball team — the Isotopes — every summer, and, sure enough, those are the Ph. I’ve had numerous peers express their gratitude for the opportunity to play sports and get out of the lab. Imposing game and practice commitments on myself as an adult in graduate school functions in the same way. I will skip a game to conduct an essential experiment.

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I am a sixth-year graduate student in the physiology, biophysics and systems biology program at Weill Cornell Graduate School.

I am also a competitive swimmer and recreational softball, dodgeball, volleyball and inner tube water polo player. Not the kind of athlete with name recognition — I wasn’t a popular quarterback or a basketball player — but an average, dedicated swimmer all the way through high school and college.

Common swimming styles in recreational swimming are breaststroke, backstroke, side stroke and freestyle.

Some people who enjoy swimming want to take it to a competitive level.

Whether by working better in a team, having mastered time management or just maintaining a certain confidence, it may be that athletes have an edge.

We swimmers never were expected to throw or catch much of anything, and, as a whole, swimmers are not famous for their coordination.

It doesn’t have to be much, but I believe picking one sport to commit to in graduate school gives students just the break they need to withstand the physical, experimental and academic rigor of a Ph.

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Australia.

Our nation is surrounded by water and swimming is one of our great passions.

As well as being fun, swimming is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy and make friends.


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