Sterotypes Essay

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It makes our recognition of our equal humanity difficult.

It emphasizes how we are different rather than how we are similar...

Her novels and short stories complicate the single stories many people believe about Nigeria, the country where she is from.

In a speech excerpted in this lesson, Adichie recounts her experiences as the subject of the “single stories” others have created about groups to which she belongs, as well as times when she herself has created single stories about others.

We must see the world in patterns in order to make sense of it; we wouldn’t be able to deal with the daily onslaught of people and objects if we couldn’t predict a lot about them and feel that we know who and what they are.

But this natural and useful ability to see patterns of similarity has unfortunate consequences.

It is offensive to reduce an individual to a category, and it is also misleading.

Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie uses the phrase “single stories” to describe the overly simplistic and sometimes false perceptions we form about individuals, groups, or countries.

Aging is a highly individualized and complex process; yet it continues to be stereotyped, especially in Western cultures.

Stereotypes about a particular group play a powerful role in shaping how we think about and interact with individuals, as well as how individuals within the stereotyped group see themselves [1].


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