Survey Dissertation

The study is a trilateral approach to the perception of eating disorders, comparing the perception of an eating disorder from the perspectives of medical and other professionals, members of the public and people with eating disorders.

My motivation comes from my own history of anorexia and wanting to raise awareness as well as investigate variations in perception as this appears to be an area of research that hasn’t been approached often or with a trilateral approach.

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In other cases, where the emphasis is just on objectivity of information, other indirect methods can be used.

Options of conducting survey include: People involved in Survey: A researcher needs to be a manager.

Large scale surveys require several people, carrying out many tasks.

They are at different levels and specialise in different tasks related to a survey.

My name is Felicity Mc Kee, I am an undergraduate student of Anthropology BSc.

I would like to invite you to take part in my research study.


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