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"The freshmen are scared to miss class," one upperclassman said.

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With this it does not only require the collection and tabulation of data,but also it entails describing the data presented in this paper.

In particular, the study attempted to describe and analyze the factors that lead the development of tardiness among the students of Xavier University High School.

That day last fall in class as I watched all of those students stroll in late, I knew something had to change.

So instead of seeking more advice from an instructor’s point of view, I decided to go to the students for answers.

Power Point lectures — and, in fact, most lectures of any kind — clearly fell in the "boring" range.

Pondering their responses was a little overwhelming.

"So what do you think about quizzes at the start of class?

" I asked, expecting that that, too, would get students in their seats on time, though it hadn’t worked for this class. I heard comments about harassment, teacher bullying, and blackmail. And they didn’t just dislike the quizzes, they resented instructors who gave them.

Chapter 3 Research Methodology This chapter represents and describes the research design, research setting,sampling procedure,data gathering instruments and statistical treatments of data.

Research Design The descriptive method of research was used in this study.


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