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Students also brainstorm interview questions for individuals they may photograph as part of the project.Homework: Students continue researching their topic and then write a one-page plan summarizing the key story they hope to tell in their photo essay and strategies for doing so, keeping in mind their definition of "social documentary." Day 4 (Homework or class time): Students shoot one roll of film for their photo essay.Day 2: In small groups students share their definitions of social-documentary photography and arrive at a definition they agree upon. Students share other examples of Lange's social-documentary work and discuss how the images that were part of the same project relate to one another in terms of subject matter, formal qualities, etc.

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Photo essays by Lange were published in various magazines and reports from the 1930s to the 1960s.Aesthetic Valuing 4.1–Construct and describe plausible interpretations of what they perceive in works of art.Grade 7 Creative Expression 2.6–Create original artwork using film, photography, computer graphics, or video.Why is photography especially well suited for the essay format?Students discuss topics for their photo essays and brainstorm ideas for how to visually express them.ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES: TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: Upon completion, let each student bring their essay to class to share.Students should present an oral summary of their essay and explain each picture.Materials for presenting photographs: 16-x-20-inch paper or board for mounting and displaying photographs with captions or materials for accordion books—good-quality, heavy-weight paper eight times as long as it is wide (for a nine-page book, paper should be nine times as long, etc.); two pieces of cardboard, foam core, or other paper board for book covers; rulers; scissors; glue sticks; and tools for scoring and folding (e.g., a bone folder). • What sort of response do you think the photographer wanted you to have? • What details in the photograph help to tell the story?• What group, event, issue, or community is shown? Homework: Each student researches the term "social documentary" and drafts a definition.CEC uses Big Sky Telegraph as the hub of their telecommunications network that allows the participating teachers to stay in contact with their trainers and peers that they have met at the Workshops.• Students will discuss and analyze examples of social-documentary photographs by Dorothea Lange.


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