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Businesses can only be successful by minimizing stock loss and controlling its distribution and replenishment.

There are several key ways to help maximize accuracy in stock records while also helping to increase employee efficiency and productivity.

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Many of these efficiency tools are very low cost and only require a business to become more aware of its employees' work dynamics as well as the characteristics of storing and managing their stock in a warehouse setting.

One of the most important tools a business has is their inventory system (Sheppard and Brown, 1993).Some businesses employ a computer-based, real time scanning program where orders are picked and filled via scanners and computer verification.Depending on how this software is set up it can be very difficult to make a mistake when a computerized program is backing up the decisions and actions made by human workers.Humans have the unique ability for error but they also possess something that robots do not, free will.Interestingly enough, items that are expensive are far less likely to be miss-scanned or miss-picked and therefore are less likely to contribute to warehouse record inaccuracies (De Horatius and Raman, 2008).Perhaps a company that is looking to cut down on warehouse record inaccuracies should scrutinize smaller, cheaper orders just as much as the expensive ones.Inventory Density and Variety Inventory density is another major cause of warehouse record keeping inaccuracies.Supply and demand is often tricky to predict, and the ultimate goal of every business venture is to become as profitable as possible.Warehouse stock inaccuracies are the enemy of profitability.Some businesses have eliminated human workers altogether and insist on using robots or other automated warehouse picking solutions (De Horatius and Raman, 2008).This eliminates human error but it also creates a situation where if a modification to a shipment needs to be made it can be quite fruitless to expect a robot to be able to think on the fly and make a decision.


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