The Australian Wine Industry Essay

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Globetrotter, David Gleave MW, believes that the wine market in Australia – and particularly in Melbourne – is the most mature he has experienced.

Australian consumers are aware of and happy to trial new grape varieties and styles unlike any other nation in the world[1].

What would our wine industry have evolved into had James Busby, or another great pioneer, François de Castella, included Italian grape varieties at the turning point in Australia’s grape vine development?

The 2011 Australian Alternative Varietal Wine Show (AAVWS) demonstrated the success of Italian grapes on Australian soil with positive results seen in vermentino, nero d’avola, montepulciano clones and negroamaro[7].

The Australian wine industry is undeniably young in comparison to its European counterpart.

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Australia had the enviable opportunity to experiment and explore the potential of its best vine-growing areas when presented with a blank canvas and lack of red tape.

Even though geographical areas suitable to the nebbiolo vine are limited and tonnage for the 2010 harvest was comparatively small with 393 tonnes, the prestige that nebbiolo has given to Italian varieties grown in Australia is influential[11].

Our flexibility with a lack of bureaucracy to govern wine styles allows for the final results to be positive and revealing to Australia’s grape growing potential[12].

This is where Italian grape varieties planted in the right place and in the right hands can succeed.

Responding to this evolving market is key, especially with constant improvements in the scale of Italian grape varieties and clones available for planting.


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