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This is more complex a novel than may be understood upon initially reading.

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The sexual aspect of Edna’s awakening is formed through her relationship with a supporting character, Robert Le Brun.

In the beginning of the novel, Robert assigns himself to become the helper of Mrs.

The title can only be fully understood as that after the reader absorbs the concepts and events presented throughout the novel.

Each event contributes to reinforcement of the title and provides a stronger message as opposed to a relatively strong title that serves to tell the story.

The Awakening as a title does not represent a one line summary that depicts what the story is going to about.

It serves to introduce the concept that the central character will encounter some form of mental awakening.

Here are some ideas as you think about a potential topic for your by Kate Chopin is a common choice for study by instructors of American literature.

Chopin always deals with themes that are universal to the human condition.

After thorough reading of the novel, one can understand that the title represents the main character, Edna Pontellier’s, sexual awakening and metaphorical resurrection that takes place in the plot as opposed to not having a clue on what the plot will be about.

Edna Pontellier first faces a form of awakening when she encounters another character that plays a musical instrument.


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