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The novel revolves around the theme of identity and the cultural/emotional dislocations suffered by them in their effort to settle "home  in the new country which is emphasized in a different manner among people of two generations The novel follows the lives of an Indian immigrant family and the ways in which identities are explored and constructed/reconstructed by both the first-generation immigrants (Ashoke & Ashima) and second-generations (Gogol & Moushumi).The second generation characters are illustrated as more dynamic.

While the first-generation characters face cultural and racial dissimilarities in the U. and find ways to enrich their lives in America, The second generation characters feel even more exilic, and their constructions of identity are constantly being challenged by both Indian heritage and mainstream American cultural/societal standards.

Observing these exiled second generation's experiences of border-crossing and transcultural interactions, this paper illustrates the meaning of individuality and reinvention pertaining to Moushumi in this diaspora novel.

Gogol refuses to return to Massachusetts because he doesn’t want to be in a city that his parents know; he’d rather be in a city where he can be fully independent and where his parents are complete strangers -- a good tactic to keep his parents away.

Soon after, Lahiri says, “[Gogol] prefers New York, a place which his parents do not know well, whose beauty they are blind to” (126).

Jhumpa Lahiri eloquently points out in her novel, The Namesake, “For his [Gogol’s] father had a point; the only person who didn’t take Gogol seriously, the only person who tormented him, the only person chronically aware of and afflicted by the...

A man lives his life and evolves over time; he embodies a synthesis of all his experiences with those he meets over his lifetime.This further proves that he prefers the safeness of a city foreign to his parents. The contrast of the profusion of homes between Ashima and her children is significant; Ashima has only lived in five houses her entire life, while Gogol is in his late twenties and has already lived in more than five houses.Finally, around the middle of the novel, while filling in her address book, Ashima is reminded of the number of homes and apartments her children have inhabited, and compares the number of homes she’s lived in, “In her own life Ashima has lived in only five houses: her parents’ flat in Calcutta, her in-laws’ house for one month, the house they rented in Cambridge, living below the Montgomerys, the faculty apartment on campus, and, lastly, the one they own now. , Lahiri presents the relationship between men and women as heavily shaped by their environment, heritage and socio-economic background.The relationship between the Ratliffs, Maxine’s parents, Gerald and Lydia, is directly...Essay text: Throughout the novel, The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, the character Gogol changes in many different ways.One of the most apparent changes was in his "Indian ness"., Jhumpa Lahari explores the themes of identity, clash of culture, isolation, importance of names and family.Both of the Ganguli parents, especially Ashima, struggle with assimilating to this new culture that they are not...Moushumi's is first introduced during Gogol's birthday party.They meet as kids, but she did not take a liking to him, or any...


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