The Rich Vs The Poor Essay

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The wealthy and poor are living right next to each other.

Even so, there is a big difference of a rich persons life and of a poor persons life.

There will also be focus Annie Noonan and Kid Mc Duff from “The Story of Kid Mc Duff’s Girl”.

These persons show the inequality between rich and poor in New York.

Allow yourself toand allow yourself to change your mind.

The most idolized people in history almost uniformly are unafraid of changing their opinions based on new information.

Challenge Yourself: You need to be willing to take calculated risks because no reward worth discussing came without risk.

Why pay money to fly to that conference, pay for the hotel, and spend all the time when they’re not even paying you?

Over the last years, the split between rich and poor has grown considerably in New York.

But in New York the city is not divided into a rich half and a poor half.


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