Themes For Thesis Framework

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New features and design elements are added to the framework to create the finished product.

There are two main categories of Word Press theme frameworks.

However, with more and more people using Word Press for more than just a blog, not only did the themes get more complex in terms of features, but the Word Press framework market developed as well.

Nowadays, there are dozens of Word Press frameworks available.

And then there are frameworks that anyone can use as the foundation for their projects which range from free to paid.

Examples include Genesis, a commercial framework, and Beans, which is available for free.Having said that, not everyone should use a Word Press framework.If all you are creating is a simple website or a splash page, a framework is definitely an overkill.Some are free, some are paid, but all of them share the same main premise: To provide website owners with the basic functionality of a theme while giving them the flexibility to design the theme’s appearance however they’d like.In this blog post we will take a look at Word Press frameworks and cover: In a nutshell, Word Press frameworks are the foundation for a Word Press theme.Once a framework is updated you can safely apply the update to your site without having to worry about custom changes you made to the code disappearing.There is a wide variety of both free and commercial themes that were built upon a specific framework.Before committing to a framework, be sure to check what is covered by support and if comes with an extra cost as some frameworks can be free but require a payment for access to their support.Using a framework can significantly reduce the development time and make switching themes easier, as well as eliminate the risk of losing all your styling and code changes when theme updates are pushed out.(FYI we use a customized version of the Altitude Pro child theme).One benefit of using a framework is the aforementioned ease of updates.


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