Thesis In Educational Administration

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The study sought to find out the effect on persistence rates of EOPS students during a 6-year time period.

Findings of this study did not support previous research that suggested EOPS students would have higher persistence rates.

This is a significant contribution of this study, as there was not such an instrument available for use with adult education students prior to this study.

In further analyses to examine the relationships between factors of engagement and persistence, Peer Support to Learning (PSL) was found to predict persistence of students in the adult secondary program.

The literature review covered general aspects of community college student persistence theory that identified factors influencing attrition.

Additionally, the literature review examined a wide range of support programs associated with retention and persistence practices of community college students.The purpose of this study was to examine the structure of engagement for students in an adult secondary program and to investigate how different components of engagement are associated with persistence.This study utilized a quantitative methodology, specifically employing a survey research design.Standards-based reform and the proliferation of legislative mandates to improve the quality of teaching and learning in K-12 education are two of the most hotly contested and complex educational issues in contemporary U. In efforts to give voice to teachers, this qualitative multiple-case study explored middle and high school English and Mathematics teachers' perceptions of both the value and effects of standards-based reform in relationship to curriculum, instructional practices, and the quality of student learning. Although teachers are the main agents of implementation of these legislative mandates, they remain absent in this debate and their voices continue to be relegated to a lesser rank in the design and implementation of educational reforms.Adult education programs provide a viable option for adults who seek lifelong learning.One type of such programs is the adult secondary program where high school dropouts can earn a high school diploma.However, they believed standards-based reform has floundered in its implementation because policymakers, uninformed about classroom realities, set policies promoting unrealistic expectations that affect the curriculum, instructional practices and the quality of student learning adversely.Teachers viewed the reform as an attack on their profession, and they expressed strong views against the testing culture as well as the excessive volume of the prescribed curriculum and the lack of time to teach it.This core, shaped by their strong sense of self as a nurse, their journey to the deanship, their past experiences, and their gender influenced who they became as dean and the parts they played.In playing these parts, they performed informative, supportive, and active roles that were congruent with Mintzberg's information, people, and action planes.


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