Thesis Statement On Evil

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What arguments did each side marshall in support of its case?

Use the documents and your knowledge of the period from 1830-1860 to compose your answer.

In your essay, you could quote passages from the Bible that supported your position.

As far as the arguments for the northerners, its a little more subjective.

The third sentence is a bold pronouncement, but make sure you specify that you're talking about an economic relationship here.

The south didn't depend on northern culture or religion, for instance. There's a lot more that we haven't got to yet that can also support the north's move towards abolitionism, like the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Dred Scott decision, the John Brown raid on Harper's Ferry, and more. The arguments that you brought up for the south are all sound and you shouldn't have a problem finding evidence to support it.You might want to reword 'absolutely ackowledged by God' because that could be interpreted a few different ways.What you might say is something like 'they felt slavery was Biblically justified' or something similar.Many southerners defended slavery because they felt it was absolutely acknowledged by God, and they thought that ending slavery would end the cultivation of southern crops.Krystal, the southern arguments for slavery seem sound, because they are religious and economic, and both were strong forces that reinforced a slave system. They will write and post their thesis statement to DBQ#5 (see below) and they will respond to another student's posting with a constructive comment, suggestion or question related to the thesis statement.: In the 1840's, many northern Americans had come to see slavery as an evil, while many southerners defended the institution as a positive good.Many northerners, who were quick to point out the evils of slavery were also racist in that they viewed African Americans as inferior and didn't support racial integration or equality.It's not as black and white as it may appear (sorry for the pun).The southern states were dependant on the northern industrial states, every article of merchandise, ships, mariners, naval architects all came from the north. The Northern states thought that the slavery should be abolished because of the new idea that it was morally wrong and unessacary for economic advancement but that idea was influenced by the Norths fast growing industrial city's. I would suggest connecting the first and the second.Explain that cotton was directly connected to merchandise, ships, etc.


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