Thesis Statement On Non Traditional Families

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The notion that the traditional two-parent family is not only the best, but the only way to raise healthy children is a notion perpetuated by those fearful of losing their privileged status upheld by their virulent defense of so-called family values. From infancy, social institutions seduce us into a belief structure that privileges traditional marriage and family rather than encouraging us to seek out our own individual truths.

The simple truth is, children who are generously loved, esteemed, and respected do better in life than those who are not. These values become embedded in our consciousness in a way that shapes our vision as to what our futures should be.

The days of “Leave It to Beaver” have been replaced with “Modern Family,” a more accurate representation of home life.

The nuclear family, the blended family, and the family with same sex-parents are equally visible, loving, funny, and messy. In most of the world, childrearing happens within the context of a large extended family with many members influencing a child’s development and helping out in different ways.

What is so special about the concept of family in Ancient Greece?

In what way do Ancient Greek writers Plato and Homer portray the role of the family in the life of a man?Overall, only optimum combination of factors analyzed could guarantee the happiness in family life.For traditional family faced numerous changes over the recent decades, modern family does not follow purely conventional attitudes any longer.If we take three books and compare the visions of the families in them we can see a lot of in common generally because family is always about love, dedication, loosing something for the other persons well being and at the same moment gaining so much from the happiness it brings to the one that does it..They give a deeper understanding of what can a family be or not be for a person.It’s not the family structure that matters, but how we treat our children. Not only do they influence our urgency to marry, alternatives such as single-by-choice parenting, blended families, same-sex families, multigenerational and chosen families, donor families, multiple-parent or group families, and families without children, are cast in an unfavorable and discriminatory light.Do two wonderful parental figures provide a child with more of this than one? Research that promotes a traditional agenda by focusing on the perceived negative after-effects of divorce is both biased and deeply flawed.How is Ancient Greek notion of a family different from the contemporary notion of a family?What is the role of the American Dream in the life of Willy Loman?A nightmare where the time spent by a family next to the TV-set watching a soup-opera is considered to be family time.It is a nightmare where violent television performs the role of the parents.


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