Thesis Statement On Tattoos

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Women also tattoo themselves so as to fit in aparticular religion. Paganism is difined as the act of doing things contrary to the normal ways of life. For instance he describes the act in which the body of a human being is separated from the entire human godliness as the culture of pagans.

And as aresult this eseparate body is most likely going to take far extreme and violent attitudes towards the denomination of the body as something that needs artistic modification. There are several extends in which the contemporally society has towards paganism and this includes the acts of artistic modification of the body.

Others also feel that being tattooed is a taboo and therefore hide from people.

Tattooing has an impact on gender in that for a long period it has been associated with men because of the pain that one undergoes which is said to be sustained by men only.

This disadvantages taints those women who practices this act and men can view the as being no mothers or wives any more.

Thus breast implantation unlike other forms of body fashions such as ear-piecing and collagen-enhanced lips is more healthwise dangerous the women body which otherwise he then describes as paganised when its artistically modified.

Ensure that dangerous types of tattooes and piercing styles are identified for the people to avoid and also there should be alternative types which are safe for them to practice. People who have tattoes often have one or more tattoes.

They usually have personal images in places which are easily hidden from view.

It therefore has an impact on gender in that for those men who tattooe their bodies acts as resistance to the common ideals of women beauty.

When it come to women tattoo, their bodies tend be tattoed towards flowers and softer images whereby they normally place them in places such as on the lower back ankle or on their shoulders.


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