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Thus, be sure to use them to encourage the readers to think in a meaningful way.

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Writers accomplish this level of objectivity by supporting all aspects of their arguments with evidence that can be checked and verified.

By working in this way, writers present ideas that -- despite ultimately being subjective -- appear logical and viable, and that readers can reasonably accept as truths.

Also try to avoid long paragraphs, four lines are enough. Do you know what makes your content really conversational? When you ask questions, you give your readers something to think about and engage them directly into your text.

It may be very effective to invite the audience to guess the right answer or you may decide to follow your question with an immediate answer. We speak with contractions because it helps us to talk faster, so use them in writing whenever you can to sound conversational.

Christopher Cascio is a memoirist and holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and literature from Southampton Arts at Stony Brook Southampton, and a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in the rhetoric of fiction from Pennsylvania State University.

This article was co-authored by Alexander Peterman. He received his MA in Education from the University of Florida in 2017.While pathos has the potential to slip into subjectivity, you can invoke pathos to acknowledge generally accepted moral values.For example, if you're writing about the death penalty, you would be within reason to say that murder is morally wrong.How many people get excited when they read your blog post or receive an email?You’re probably wondering why the content you’ve put so much effort creating doesn’t get the attention it deserves.Moreover, they will strengthen your message and make your writing more conversational.Metaphors and similes are used in many forms of writing – from newspapers and magazines to novels – and enhance the description of something to have a more powerful effect on readers.The key to backing up your argument successfully and objectively is to use the three appeals: logos, pathos and ethos. It involves facts, such as statistics, definitions, quotes from experts and other scholarly sources to reinforce the validity of your claims.Pathos is an appeal to the emotions, particularly to the morals of the reader.Ethos is primarily a strategy that bolsters your credibility.It is grounded in establishing your ethics as an objective researcher.


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