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The practical application of design standards were examined by looking at established mechanisms used to incorporate design into the planning and development process.

Examples of design regulation in Nova Scotia have been introduced to support the implementation of design standards through land-use planning.

Using GIS to Enhance Information Communication in a Public Participation Planning Process Although urban planning has used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for many years, the application of GIS to assist public participation in a land-use planning process has not been pursued in any extensive way.

Traditional planning tools consisting of two-dimensional paper maps, statistics and reports have not always provided efficient and effective tools to stimulate effective public participation in a planning process.

The goal of the thesis was to compare the degree to which transportation planning practices have improved the level of transportation equity. Changes In how we gain public input can also cause changes in the way we view planning.

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This was accomplished in two stages: first, by evaluating the numerous interpretations of equity and adopting one definition to guide the thesis; secondly, by identifying equity levels that were identified through a study of the outcomes of past and present transportation practices, in relation to the mobility needs of people in Toronto, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. The two are strongly connected and changing attitudes about one will begin change attitudes about the other.

Recently adopted design standards in East Hants commercial centers were used as a case study, to analyze the effectiveness of design regulation in addressing the form and function of places.

The findings of this research are that design standards, when used both in a mandatory and an advisory capacity, are an effective means of protecting the established form and function of commercial centers.

The specific objective is to undertake an identification and analysis of brownfields in Dartmouth, N. to make suggestions on a framework for how the Halifax Regional Municipality could encourage the redevelopment of local brownfields.

And further, to make some suggestions regarding the future growth of the city as it pertains to brownfield redevelopment.


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