Travel Nursing Assignments

One of the benefits of travel nursing is there are short- and long-term travel nursing assignments.

In general, assignments last between 8-26 weeks — though, the typical contract length is 13 weeks.

Travel nurses have the opportunity to pick their assignments based off of available contracts.

Locations like Hawaii, California, and New York are highly coveted especially for nurses who want to see the country, while locations like Minnesota in the winter and Alabama in the summer have better money potential because the cost of living is lower and the locations less popular. Department of Health and Human Services, there is a projected need for nurses through 2030 in California, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

Do you want to see new cities, experience new cultures, and explore the country?

Or, are you interested in the salary potential to pay off student loans or save for a new car or house?The availability of contracts is also based on need — travel nursing started as a way to meet ongoing nurse shortages across the country both in rural and metropolitan areas. These states are expected to have the highest ongoing need for travel nurses.As a result, hospitals and facilities in these states often give out extra incentives to entice nurses.Determining the reason why also helps you narrow down the best contracts for travel nurse assignments.RNs can earn up to ,300 a week as a travel nurse.Here are some of the most common questions asked and answered. Processing time can take up to 8 weeks (California has one of the longest wait times), so it’s important to not wait.Pro tip: Make sure your current state license is up to date along with your certifications.Read more: Current Nursing Compact States Educational requirements for a travel RN are identical to those for a regular nurse — no additional schooling or certification is needed to travel.The main difference is the amount of experience you need.Hospitals have increasing needs in these areas because it takes longer to train new graduates. Operating Room (including training in Cardiovascular and Orthopedics) 5.Travel nurses in these specialties have more opportunities, more available contracts, and higher pay options. Intensive Care Unit With the ongoing nursing shortage across the country, most nurses, regardless of specialties, won’t have trouble finding a travel nurse contract.


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