Trinity College U Of T Application Essay

You can still include some things about how much you love Ireland and the campus, but primarily you should talk about the academics.

Discuss the course you’re applying to and what makes you want to study that course at Trinity.

It’s definitely doable, you can take the SAT or ACT again, study hard for midterms to pull your GPA, and ask a teacher and guidance counselor for a letter ASAP so they have enough time to write you one.

While the application opens in November it works on a rolling basis and doesn’t close until June (for most courses) so don’t rush into your application before you have all the things you need.

All the requirements for US applicants are listed here.

If you don’t meet those requirements right now make sure you get yourself organised and figure out what you can do to reach them.

However, if help is needed then teachers are "extremely good at helping you outside class hours.

Just email them and they will arrange a time to meet." The scene here is "more like a master's program in the states, but with [student] societies that are given millions of euros to make sure you have fun and opportunities." There is always room for discussion in lectures, and "classes tend to be really interactive so students aren't just sitting there passively learning." Many do feel that there could "be a slicker process administratively," particularly with regard to registration and exams.

It is hoped that the Global Room will be considered a hub for International student activities but will also provide a space which fosters and encourages greater harmonisation/interconnectivity between International students and the rest of the student body.

Picking your major, also known as your course, is probably the toughest thing you’ll have to do for the application process.


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