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The New Kingdom is often called the 'empire' of Egyptian history.

A few years later Tutankhamun married his sister (which was common for Pharaoh's in Ancient Egypt) and became Pharaoh.

Since he was so young he had help ruling the country.

The chest also showed Tutankhamun as a lion treading on enemies, portrayed as an invincible warrior.

Various jewelries such as the golden buckle (appendix 1.2...

Death and Burial Tutankhamun died around the age of nineteen. Some people think that he was assassinated, but the likely cause of his death was a wound to his leg.

Scientists have determined that the leg of his mummy was broken and badly infected before his death. Tomb Tutankhamun is most famous today for his tomb in the Valley of the Kings.- What would you state as the most baffling mystery in Egypt. It’s still a mystery that scientists, archaeologists, and Egyptologists are still unsure of the answer. But in my opinion, it’ll be the mystery of King Tutankhamun’s death.As a result, when the tomb was finally discovered by archeologist Howard Carter in 1922, it was filled with treasure and artifacts unlike found in any other Pharaoh's tomb.The 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt, the New Kingdom period (BC 1870~1100), is known as the age of conquest where Egypt was at it's finest state with peace and prosperity.Tutankhamun and his advisors tried to fix all the changes that his father had made.Under Tutankhamun Egypt returned to their old gods and the old temples were repaired.He even built a new capital city in honor of the god Aten called Amarna.The Boy Pharaoh At the young age of seven years old Tutankhamun's father died.It is likely that his tomb was built for someone else and was used to bury the young Pharaoh when he died unexpectedly.This may have helped to keep his tomb hidden from thieves for all these thousands of years.


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