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It also helps us to as certain bibliographical data about an author thus helping in the identification of a document.e) Book selection: A bibliography by adding a note to each document being listed, indicate the value of the document to a given type of user. According to Roy B Stokes on analytical bibliography involves “investigation of the physical nature of the book which can be and frequently is sufficiently exhaustive to enable all the circumstances of the book manufacture and history to be revealed”.

Analytical or critical bibliography therefore rests to a large extent upon imperfection in the production process and as such it has been defined as the physical examination of books.

E.g by a given author on a given subject or published in a given place and differing from a catalogue in that its contents are not restricted to the holding of a single libraries or group of libraries”.b) Finding the existence: A bibliography enables one to find out what has already been written on his subject and allows him to keep himself well informed and up to date.

This avoids duplication in research, saving him both time and money.c) Verification of bibliographic detail: Whenever we are to verify a title or collect information on any subject we are to consult a bibliography (subject bibliography). which book should be consulted for a given purpose.

In general or universal bibliography, it attempts to include books published in every country and age and on all subject.

It is a survey of all records of civilization in all fields of knowledge for whatever the time, place, language, subject or author. In fact there is no universal bibliography as such but the publish catalogue of great libraries of the world can be stated to be the nearest approaches to this type of bibliography. Library of Congress Catalogue of Books., British Museum General Catalogue of printed books. It was considered a cradle period of printing and the systematic order in arranging various parts of the book was not followed. Proctor Robert An index to the early printed books in the British Museum from the invention of printing to the year 1300 with notes of those in the Bodleian library. These types of bibliographies are arranged alphabetically by title with notes of author, details of publication and annotations and notes about authority for the ascription.

There would have been virtually no need of analytical bibliography if every step in the production process was perfectly accomplished and a perfect book produced in every care.

But unfortunately such perfection has been a rare thing in the history of book production or has at latest happened in exceptional case.

Descriptive bibliography is the application of analytical bibliography to the external form of the book i.e it concern itself with the materials forms of books and not with their literary contexts.

“its function is primarily that of recording the bibliography details of the book which has been established during the process of analytical bibliography.” In Descriptive bibliography the bibliograph details are kept to minimum because the basic purpose to listing.


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