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Students preparing to attend an MBA program often wonder what MBA classes they will be required to take and what these classes will entail.

The optimal time to engage in retrieval practice is not immediately after you’ve acquired information but after you’ve forgotten it a bit—like, perhaps, after school.

A homework assignment could require students to answer questions about what was covered in class that day without consulting their notes.

But maybe teachers just need to assign a different kind of homework.

In 2016, a second-grade teacher in Texas delighted her students—and at least some of their parents—by announcing she would no longer assign homework.

Research has found that retrieval practice and similar learning strategies are far more powerful than simply rereading or reviewing material.

One possible explanation for the general lack of a boost from homework is that few teachers know about this research.In some cases, a professor will single you out so that you may share your opinions and assessments.In other cases, you will be asked to participate in classroom discussions.However, it may be a good idea to search out internship opportunities on your own as well so that you can compare all of the options available to you.Some schools are eliminating homework, citing research showing it doesn’t do much to boost achievement.Most MBA classes provide an opportunity to obtain real hands-on experience through the analysis of case studies and real or hypothetical business scenarios.Students are encouraged to apply the knowledge they have acquired in real life and through other MBA classes to the current issue at hand.However, there are a few specific things you can expect to get out of the MBA classroom experience.The MBA classes you will be required to take during your first year of study will most likely focus on major business disciplines. Core coursework usually covers a range of topics, including: Depending on the program you are attending, you may also take courses directly related to a specialization.The research cited by educators just doesn’t seem to make sense.If a child wants to learn to play the violin, it’s obvious she needs to practice at home between lessons (at least, it’s obvious to an adult).


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