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and represents to the reader that the pleasances of life have their clip and topographic point and can be a positive influence on our lives. the Shadow Gallery represents how happiness can be carry throughing and can besides keep back greater alteration.

Even the characters’ personalities seem to hold undergone extremist alteration. in the hope that the people will make the bounds of their endurance and declare a revolution.

The main stars in this movie include Hugo Weaving, Rupert Graves and Natalie Portman.

V for Vendetta tells the story of a masked character V, who rebels against a dictatorial regime in England in the 2020s.

V manages to convince dissatisfied citizens to participate in a mass protest in masks to protect their identities.

One of the major themes in this movie is rebellion against injustices from dictatorial governments. the people are the rightful proprietors of the state. Governments should be afraid of their people” because the people own the authorities the authorities will be nil without their people and that the authorities doesn’t own the state. Something changed in Rizal ; and this is reflected in the personalities he gave his El Filibusterismo characters. While Rizal wrote novels that inform the people on what is incorrect with their state and utilizing words to merely demo the people the true significance of freedom.V for Vendetta is an American movie that was released in 2006.The movie begins with the masked character rescuing a young woman named Evey from a group of men who attempted to rape her.The next scenes in the movie give the viewer V’s history in prison, the injustices in prison, and his escape from prison. The missive “V” appears extensively throughout the narrative and can be interpreted legion ways. This vocal was besides often played during universe war 2 as a symbol of peace and triumph. The Gallery represents felicity ; both its positive and negative qualities. But though V may be magnetic and have a passion for justness he besides is acrimonious and has his ain personal hate of the authorities for something they did to him long ago. the twenty-four hours V says he and those who will follow him will stand up to the authorities one time and for all attacks. V for Vendetta is a film loaded to the top with messages. implicit in subjects and inspiration placed through imagination. The mask besides represents resistance and rebellion. transforming into the incarnation of something greater than herself. during the detonations the music playing is “Beethoven’s fifth Symphony” – 5th = V. A quotation mark from Valerie on the lavatory paper was: “But America’s war grew worse and worse and finally it came to London. and he used those flowers as a signature for the violent deaths he committed as requital for Larkhill. Viewers appreciate the themes in the movie especially the fight against oppressive political systems and discrimination.Critics of the movie describe V as a terrorist or vigilante who encourages violence as a way of expressing dissatisfaction.


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