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Where they can write about the things that they've been involved in and things that they've done.

Where they can write about the things that they've been involved in and things that they've done.- One piece of advice I would give to every student is to ask someone who know's them a little bit, to read their essay and to tell them what impressions they have of you after reading the essay.This is no mean task and should certainly never be seen as an ‘easy option’ in comparison to traditional essay work.

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And he wrote about working at a fast food restaurant.

And he wrote about how people were treating him as they went through the drive through. He called himself an undercover anthropologist, which admittedly was a little nerdy in a Brown sort of way.

But we're also using that information to kind of see things like, their resilience and their love of learning and their intellectual curiosity.

- I always tell a student, you know, if you had the chance to come meet with the admissions committee and present yourself in person, would you want to do it?

- I think the essays that work best are actually quite simple.

I think students get really caught up in thinking that this essay has to emcompass your entire life and it has to be groundbreaking and, you know, publishable quality.By the time I got to grading it, Film School Rejects had already blogged about it, meaning it had already gotten hundreds of views.This led Will to get offered an internship with FSR, where he has been writing for the past few months.And that's a lot to ask of a high school student.So I always advice students to stick to the simple things that you know.In April, five of my students formed a panel at Middlebury’s Spring Student Symposium out of my Fall course Videographic Film & Media Studies, where they presented video essays that were created in the course.Alas, I was away at a conference during the symposium, so I could not see the panel, but reports were that the videos were all well-received (and I’ve heard from other students asking when I’ll be teaching the course again! One great thing about videos is that they can be shared beyond live presentation, so I’ve curated them below, along with my most recent video essay (which I’ve neglected to post to this long-dormant blog).- I think our hope is that if a student were to drop the essay on the floor of their high school and someone were to pick it up. That they'd say for sure, oh I know that is so and so's essay, because it speaks so much about your voice and your experiences and your perspective.- I think my favorite essay that I've ever read came from a student in the midwest.However, it is worth thinking about the following: Of course, these are only guidelines, and in each case you would also need to submit appropriate supporting documentation, including scripts, storyboards, research folder, and assets list/bibliography (see below).A video essay requires conceptual thinking and organization, record keeping, documentation.


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