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He manages to screw up the sig figs in an answer and sends me an e-mail or gives me a call.

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I haven't noticed any problems myself, but I have noticed that the comment traffic is down a bit.

I just attributed that to the fact that I haven't written much lately that was…One of my former students is taking Physics and has homework on Web Assign.

Analysis Model tutorials include meaningful feedback at each step to help students practice the problem-solving process and improve their skills.

In addition, the feedback addresses student misconceptions and helps them to catch algebraic and other mathematical errors.

Analysis Model tutorials (AMT) John Jewett developed over 160 tutorials that strengthen students' problem solving skills by guiding them through the steps in the problem-solving process.

Important first steps include making predictions and focusing strategy on physics concepts before starting to solve the problem quantitatively.Having spent the last couple of posts talking (in part) about the need to change academic culture, and de-stigmatize non-academic science jobs, here's an attempt to step up and do something direct and productive. One of the difficulties with trying to broaden the…Tuesday is a heavy teaching day for me-- I'm in lab from 9-4, basically-- so here's something to occupy the time. It's a pop quiz: Pop quizzes are:(survey software) (In case the phrase is an American idiom, a "pop quiz" refers to a short test given in class with no advance warning.) This…Because a book isn't a real book until it has a promotional website, I give you: official(ish) site for promoting How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, which will be published this December (and can be pre-ordered on Amazon).The site does, in fact, contain content you won't…There's been some behind-the-scenes talk of the resurfacing of the annoying comment bug, which we had thought was fixed.The new Cengage you Book is a Flash-based e Book that is fully interactive and customizable!The Cengage You Book allows you to customize your student's learning experience to your exact specifications: Most questions from this textbook are available in Web Assign.A critical component of these tutorials is the selection of an appropriate Analysis Model to describe what is going on in the problem.This step allows students to make the important link between the situation in the problem and the mathematical representation of the situation.New in this Edition: Based on their analysis of Web Assign data, the authors identified and enhanced the most frequently assigned problems, ensuring students receive support where they need it most.Denoted in the text by a shaded box around the problem number, each of these problems in Enhanced Web Assign provides students with targeted answer-specific feedback designed to address common misconceptions, plus either a Watch It solution video or a Master It interactive tutorial.New to this Edition Most questions from this textbook are available in Web Assign.The online questions are identical to the textbook questions except for minor wording changes necessary for Web use.


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