Why Do Some Students Cheat Essay

Scientists have examined the issue to see how this fear influences student behavior.Published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology, the results raise eyebrows: fear of failure determines the methods your mentees choose to reach their learning goals.Considering the fact that most of the students are not aware of their own capabilities, this fact alone forces them to opt for academic dishonesty.

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This is interconnected with a student’s psychology because mindset and behavior cause the problem of plagiarism.Depending on the difference in understanding the concept of plagiarism, it can be unintentional as well.Because most of the times help is required from a source and in this case, it is required to understand why is it important to cite sources, otherwise you might become a victim of stolen content.While writing a research paper, if a learner considers copying published information without mentioning the source, it is included in stolen content.To find this content in time, read our article about the best plagiarism checker for free.This story is as old as Adam: Back in 2002, CNN Online revealed some students’ view on cheating where they argued that they were “almost completely judged on grades” and “a person who had an entirely honest life couldn’t succeed.”Hubris itself is not a reason why they plagiarize, but it explains why they continue doing it over and over again.Influenced by a false sense of security, such students don’t understand the shattering impact of plagiarism on their well-being.Here’s something you can agree on: The ego of some students is so high that they think no one will catch them red-handed and they are above any consequences.Cynical about grades, they see nothing wrong with plagiarism.With such motivation, it’s clear these students are more likely to cheat.Effects of this type of fear are far from pleasant, either: Source For some teachers, it’s hard to suspect students of disinterest in their subjects.


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