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[tags: Renewable energy, Wind power] - The focus on wind energy will become the end of the world’s economy, electricity, and survivability if we continue to only focus on this source of power.Governments should decrease production of wind energy alone, and instead formulate a plan that consists of all “green” energy sources, which in turn will provide maximum power outage.This is a strategy which is being used to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases, which is believed to be caused by non-renewable energies.

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In order to meet demands for electrical power, fossil fuels have been the main force of producing electricity ever since the industrial age.

As effective as fossil fuel is, it will not last forever due to the fast rate of consumption and increasing electricity demand.

Finally the present study is trying to achieve an estimation of where the wind industry targets for the years to come.

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There are many problems with wind turbines, two of which are major drawbacks.

Wind turbines become inefficient when the wind is not blowing (National Geographic)....

[tags: Wind power, Energy development, Wind turbine] - 1.1 Introduction South Australia is one of the leading states with great capacity of installed wind turbines.

Recently the regional labor government had set a 50% renewable energy target for 2025, in which wind power projects like Ceres project and Horndale project would take that investment to 50% (Vorrath, 2014).

Only recently have people been discovering and engineering ways to utilize the great, natural, free source of energy that the universe gives us.

Renewable, safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly sources of energy are becoming more and more important in such an, already, physically damaged world that we live in....


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