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At times, pupils may also be asked to complete special practical projects around what they are learning.Parental involvement with homework is a great way to build your child’s confidence, their speaking and listening skills and to support them in becoming strong writers, readers and mathematicians.

Reading should happen every night and parents are asked to sign children’s reading records when they have read at home.

Making a lifestyle change is an investment—both financial and emotional.

In upper KS2, we also encourage pupils to reflect on their reading and write their own comments.

This helps us to keep track of their reading and gives the children a sense of achievement and also value to their reading skills.

Homework is then returned to school at the end of the half term then shared, celebrated and rewarded with the rest of the class.

These learning challenges are a great way to get all the family involved.

As a school, we encourage pupils to read daily at home and practice their spellings and multiplication tables.

Teachers carry out weekly spelling and multiplication tables tests to encourage this.

In addition to half termly challenges, all children are sent home with year group specific spellings to learn each week.

Knowledge organisers are also sent home to support topic based learning.


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