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Your job mandates that you read carefully and respond to their texts.Chinn & Hilgers (2000) explain this role for the teachers as often limited to "corrector." However, instructors can move beyond the corrector role into a "collaborator" role by varying writing tasks, encouraging peer collaboration, and emphasizing professional contexts for writing.

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But even if your particular class doesn't allow you to pair students with actual clients or other readers, consider ways in which you can create a meaningful context with readers beyond the teacher in the classroom (see, for example, Ward, 2009). (2012), for instance, describe in detail how, drawing on materials from The Council of Writing Program Administrators and The Foundation for Critical Thinking, they developed a case study writing context for first-year general chemistry students.

As they explain, Our initial case-study assignment, used for the first two years of the course, required students to explore the scientific principles involved in the Bhopal disaster where thousands of people died in an industrial chemical accident....

How can writing centers support writing in my courses?

Do writing and peer review take up too much class time? Responding to Writing How can I handle responding to student writing?

What should I know about WAC and graduate education?

What writing resources are available for my students? Surprisingly, teachers have been known to assign writing tasks without articulating to themselves what the task is supposed to do for students.So for students, the teacher is not necessarily a reader or audience that will motivate the best possible work on a writing task. (1999) report that their interview research with 33 upper-division students yielded an intriguing statistic: "56% of the interviewees also described one or more nonteacher audiences" (328) for their academic tasks.In many instances, the assignment called for a hypothetical audience other than the teacher, but even when the assignment didn't prompt students to write for readers other than the teacher, students directed their work toward "an individual they believed has specific content knowledge such as a CEO, coworker, or technician" (328).As you think about making up writing assignments, use these five principles: Although it might seem awkward at first, working backwards from what you hope the final drafts will look like often produces the best assignment sheets.We recommend jotting down several points that will help you with this step in writing your assignments: Writing tasks fill many different roles for students, so defining good writing assignments begins with the specific instructional context.is regularized but not fixed; fluid, flexible, and dynamic; emerging and evolving in exigency and action; reflecting and incorporating social needs, demands, and structures, and responsive to social interpretations and reinterpretations of necessarily shifting, complex experiences.(23) And, as a result of the fluidity of discourse in varied workplace settings, writers themselves should be prepared for major development of their communication skills when they enter new workplaces. Reflecting on reflections: Enhancement of medical education curriculum with structured field notes and guided feedback.Many senior design projects and management projects in engineering and natural resources involve pairing students with actual clients so that students must take into account the particular needs of their readers.Across many disciplines, teachers are investigating alternative methods to connect undergraduate writers with real audiences, including client-based partnerships (Kiefer & Leff, 2008; Kreth, 2005; Planken & Kreps, 2006;) and service-learning opportunities (Addams ., 2010; Bourelle, 2012), among other options.The second assignment, used in the third year, required students to formulate and defend an argument whether research in the field of cold fusion should continue to be supported.(504) Students write with a local audience of classmates and a larger institutional context of the university community in mind.


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