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Body paragraphs will often begin with a summary of the controlling idea: the point (also known as the topic sentence).The point (or topic) sentence summarises the paragraph in the same way that the thesis statement summarises the whole essay.An essay on any subject, on the contrary, is a common task for students, but it differs from other written assignments because of the freedom of self-expression that it gives you.

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Everyone knows that any text, article, and even post on a blog requires decent planning and needs to have a proper structure and format, especially an essay.

However, keep in mind that an essay is not the most complex task.

There are many other challenges that you will have to deal with!

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The main body reflects a problem, in this part, you will need to support the thesis with evidence, conduct an analysis, and provide the main ideas to solving the problem.

Especially here, you have to pay attention to structure because the body paragraph outline will vary widely, depending on the different essay types, disciplines, and other aspects.The acronym PIE (which stands for Point/Illustration/Explanation) may be helpful to remember as a guide for developing well-structured, coherent paragraphs.Academic paragraphs are usually at least three sentences long, but can be longer. As a rough guide, a sentence longer than three lines is too long.a good way to prove your ideas is to use a few arguments for every point that you make. showing one of the kindest and most favorite characters – Hagrid as a scary person.One of them should be strong and indisputable, while the second one can be less convincing but yet informative. His eyes are 'glinting like black beetles', his face is 'almost completely hidden by a long, shaggy mane of hair and a wild, tangled beard' says the author (Rowling 46).The illustration can include Illustration must be relevant to the topic and it must be used and credited properly.Outside sources can be quoted, summarised, or paraphrased.It may also discuss the significance of your explanation.Remember that body paragraphs do not exist in isolation. Transitions show the connections between paragraphs themselves, and the connections between the paragraphs and the overall focus of the essay. Transitions are essential for maintaining momentum in your essay and showing the reader how all the ideas fit together.For information on the right and wrong ways to do this, see .The explanation should clarify how the reader should interpret your illustrative evidence and also how the paragraph's controlling idea works to support the thesis statement.


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